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Third Party Licenses including Open Source Software

Simple Data Integrator (SDI) use software provided by third parties,including open source software. The following copyright statements and licenses apply to various components that are distributed with SDI. Licensee must fully agree and comply with these license terms or must not use these components. The third party license terms apply only to the respective software to which the license pertains, and the third party license terms do not apply to Research Institute of Cloud Computing Technology(RiCCT).

Software Comment
Oracle.ManagedDataAccess Used for connection to Oracle.
Npgsql Used for connection to PostgreSQL
MySql.Data Used for connection to MySQL
IBM.Data.DB.Provider Used for connection to DB2
Otp.NET One-time password generation and authentication (for enhancing SDI Web Service security)
ClosedXML For reading and outputting Excel files
CsvHelper For reading and outputting CSV files
Json.Net For reading and outputting JSON files
FluentFTP For FTP server access
SSH.NET For SFTP server access
AWSSDK.S3 For AWS S3 access
OCI.DotNetSDK.Objectstorage For OCI Objectstorage access
log4net For Log recording
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