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Mapping task list configuration


Maintain the list of mapping tasks to be executed.


Add mapping task

No Item Description
1 Add Task Click the Add Task button to display the Mapping List form where you can select and add a mapping task in the list.
2 Filter When searching by mapping name, enter the search keyword.
3 Select Checkbox Check the mapping task line to be added.
4 Add button Add the selected task to the schedule and then close the form.
5 Close button Close the form without adding.

Mapping task list

No Item Description
6 Detail icon Displays detailed information about the mapping. (The mapping details is a form that refers to detailed information such as detailed mapping parameters, flow, and SQL to be executed).
7 Down Icon Moves the mapping task down to modify the order.
8 Up icon Moves the mapping task up to modify the order.
9 Delete Icon Remove the mapping from the list.
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