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DB2 connection configuration


When you connect to DB2 directly, select Local DB as the location, select DB2 as the data type, and configure the detailed settings.



No Item Description
1 User ID Use ID for the DB2 account.
2 Password Password for the DB2 account.
3 Connection Type Select Basic
4 DB2 Host
5 DB2 Port
6 Database
7 Default Schema If Default Schema is specified, the tables and views of the specified schema will be listed during mapping.
If blank, all accessible tables and views will be listed.

DB2 Connection String

SDI uses IBM.Data.DB.Provider to connect to DB2.
You can connect to DB2 by using DB2 Connection String directly.

No Item Description
1 Connetion Type Select DB2 Connection String
2 DB2 Connection String Enter the details of the DB2 Connection String.
* Do not enter user and password information in the Connection String.
Referenceļ¼šDB2Connection.ConnectionString property
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