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Worker agent monitoring screen


On the worker agent monitoring form, you can monitor the status of the worker agent, start, stop the agent, reload the configuration file, and so on.


Worker agent monitoring screen

No Item Description
1 If you see the home icon ,it's an agent on the same server as Studio.If you don't see the home icon, it's an agent on another server. (For HA configuration)
2 Agent name Display the agent name.
3 On / off switch Agent status switching (running <-> stopped)
4 Agent status The agent is running, the scheduled task is running.
The agent is running but the scheduled task will not be executed. It's on standby.(Secondary agent)
The agent is stopped.
Agent is not active. (Server not started, Windows service not started, etc.)
5 Health check time Latest health check time
6 Lastest Config File Whether the agent is using the latest configuration file.

- The agent is using the latest configuration file.

-The configuration file used by the officer is not the latest. Click the Reload Config button to load the lastest configuration file.
7 Worker Agent Windows Service The worker agent Windows Service name is displayed, and the Windows Service name SimpleDataIntegratorWorker cannot be changed.
8 Service Status The status of the worker agent Windows Service. The agent is not working properly other than Running status.
9 Open Services Open the Windows Services Manager

Worker agent monitoring screen for HA configuration

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