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Execution Log


Form used to display the execution log.

Execution Log form

Composition of Execution Log form

No Item Description
1 Search conditon
2 Execution log

Search conditon

No Item Description
1 Date Specify the target date of the execution.
2 Time Specify the target time of the execution. Alternatively, you may specify "All" and "Last hour" instead of special time.
3 Mapping You can specify single mappings. If not specified, the history of all mappings will be displayed.
4 Status Specifies the status execution result.
- Show only running tasks.
- Show only successful tasks.
- Show only completed tasks with warning.(The task execution was successful, but an error occurred in the processing after the task was completed.)
- Display only the failed tasks.
5 Auto refresh Checkbox used to define whether auto update log list.
6 Refresh button Manually refresh history information. (If you choose not to auto refresh)

Execution log List

No Item Description
1 Execution log inforamtion Information such as start, end time, scheduler name, mapping name, task status, etc.
2 Detail icon Opens the log details screen.

Execution log Detail

Show the detailed information of the mapping task execution.

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